Leatitia Sisusa

Sisusa Law

What does your company do?

Sisusa Law provides Divorce, Deceased Estate and Property transfer services to the poor or “can’t afford to pay legal fees” clients, they are often neglected and end up missing out in benefits (pension fund payouts, life policies, property share, investments) that they are legally entitled to. As a former Legal Aid Attorney the founder knows that legal aid does not specialise on such matters (especially transfers) and even in the matters that they do take, they don’t give the cases the necessary sense of urgency they deserve (e.g Estates parents die, children need school fees to be paid immediately)

What is your biggest success?

Having the work ethic that made it easy for my then Manager in Corporate to say “YES” to me starting this business while in full employment then (2019). The courage to take a decision that isn’t easy for anyone with my background (leaving a permanent job when you are the first to graduate, buy that RDP that Mom calls home, get that first car for a career path with no financial certainty).A decision I do not regret Radio interviews at Umhlobo Wenene’s educational segments, Numetro and Radio Zibonele (2022). Over and above all going to bed at night knowing that I look forward to waking up the next morning because of my career.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Finances, my target audience and clients are generally those who cannot afford to pay standard legal fees and in matters like a Divorce there are standard costs for Sherriff, fees I pay for conducting the background searches, generating documents (like deed searches, proof of the existence of a trust etc) which are needed to defend my clients properly.