Lebo Magagane

Embedded Factory

What does your company do?

We design and manufacture mattresses and bases for the hospitality sector.

What is your biggest success?

Growing our revenue line and the team from having just 2 employees when we started to growing the team to 10 people. Having repeat customers to buy more of our products is a confirmation that we are doing something right. We place our clients at the Centre of all we do. a mattress is such a big investment and for our customers to continue trusting us with their investment is our biggest success.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Breaking gender boundaries has been the biggest hurdle. One has to work harder to prove themselves in a male dominated industry. I am a woman that looks very young therefore most male employees struggle to take instructions from me, I have to be deliberate to ensure there's a cultural shift and continuously educate them. Then it’s the continuous battle with male suppliers that don’t take you serious and give you different terms as compared to your male counterparts until you build a relationship and trust with them, then its potential clients that you have to continuously prove that you are capable and have the capacity to deliver. It has taken a lot of resilience, Grit, mental strength, staying power and a lot of sacrifice to keep our doors open.