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Lumos Coffee Creations

What does your company do?

Lumos coffee creations is an authentic coffee shop serving quality coffee, teas and light snacks to the residents of a small township. The aim is to bring an everyday unique and memorable experience to the community of Alexandra.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success has been initiating a new culture in our community, where heavy alcohol consumption was the norm. Through Lumos, we introduced a healthier alternative. Additionally, securing an angel investor Miss Thembiso Magajana founder of Social Coding who champions positive social impact in South Africa, particularly by involving rural communities in coding and technology, has been instrumental. This showcases not only my entrepreneurial acumen but also my commitment to fostering healthier lifestyles and societal progress.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of the significant challenges I faced while running my venture was instilling a unique culture in our township that had not been previously experienced. It required diligent effort to introduce and maintain this distinctive coffee shop culture, ensuring that it wasn't just a passing trend but a lasting practice that resonated with our community. Another one was doing or handling the business alone, it has been difficult to find employees mainly because I don’t have the funds to pay them however my friends would sometimes volunteer to help me out with certain stuff.