Lerato Malatji

Moyele Trading cc


What does your company do?

For the past 7 years we have been gathering woman from all walks of life to bring hope and share love .

What is your biggest success?

- My greatest achievement has been seeing people getting help , gaining strength to move on in life . - Gathering woman with mental issues and having them openly share how that has affected their livelihood , children and the whole family , all this heartbreaking experiences has made me to remain kind at all times as we don’t know what another woman close to you is going through - One of the values I have learned during my journey with woman is that we need to be sensitive and willing to lose ourselves to save other people - we also go into the most rural part of Limpopo to give sanitary hygienic talks - it gives so much joy to see young girls open up about even challenges they face at home like family rape, abuse and GBV - My greatest achievement year in and year out has always been the joy of putting a smile on those woman even as we share the little we have with them either food parcels or giving away clothes or uniforms

What has been your biggest hurdle?

- The hurdles for me is capacity to do more and give more - Not being able to reach as many women as we wish - Professional services to refer women to on cases that are beyond our reach - We have learned that not all things requires money and we then find ways to gather even under the tree and be present for each other - Our recent event that we had in December we literally gathered under the tree with over 100 women and God really showed up greatly amongst us - we most of the time don’t have enough funds to hire venues, pay for catering and that has not stopped us from making time to gather and share wisdom , love and hope