Lerato Manaka


What does your company do?

Modiehi Mongale Foundation (NPO) focus on generating a positive impact on the society and communities where we are serving. We contribute to development and empowerment, the reparation of the harm caused, the involvement of the community and the re-establishment of the existing human relationships

What is your biggest success?

Supporting over 5000 inmates who took Minister of Correctional Services to compel Department of Correctional Services to pay for IDs in order for inmate to exercise their democratic rights by participating in national elections. We visited over 30 schools to raise awareness on crime.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Short on funds most often because of the three issues: no plan, unrealistic expectations, and/or poor leadership. Our fundraising concerns include low engagement, donor fatigue, increased competition with other nonprofit organizations and difficulty with retaining donor.