Lerato Moloi

Lawyers for the Arts South Africa

What does your company do?

Lawyers for the Arts South Africa (LASA) is a non-profit organization that provides legal services and support to artists and creatives in South Africa. The organization aims to empower the arts community by ensuring they have access to legal assistance, resources, and education. Here are some of the key activities and services offered by LASA: - Legal Advice and Representation: LASA offers pro bono legal advice and representation to artists on a wide range of issues, including contract negotiations, intellectual property rights, copyright, trademark protection, and dispute resolution. LASA ensures that those who cannot afford legal representation still have access to the support they need. Education and Workshops: The organization conducts workshops, seminars, and training sessions to educate artists about their legal rights and responsibilities. These programs cover topics like intellectual property law, contract law, and other relevant legal issues. - Advocacy: LASA advocates for policies and legislation that support and protect the rights of artists. This includes working with government bodies, industry stakeholders, and other organizations to promote a fair and sustainable environment for the arts community. - Resource Development: The organization develops and provides access to legal resources, such as templates for contracts, guides on intellectual property, and other educational materials that can help artists navigate the legal landscape. - Community Building: By fostering a network of legal professionals and artists, LASA helps to build a supportive community where creatives can share knowledge, experiences, and resources. Overall, Lawyers for the Arts South Africa works to ensure that artists have the legal knowledge and support necessary to protect their work, sustain their careers, and contribute to the cultural landscape of South Africa.

What is your biggest success?

Lawyers for the Arts South Africa's greatest achievement is the successful implementation of a nationwide pro bono legal assistance program for artists, in partnership with Bowmans. This collaboration has provided hundreds of artists with crucial legal support, enabling them to protect their intellectual property rights, negotiate fair contracts, and resolve disputes effectively. Through accessible legal education workshops and seminars, the organization has empowered artists with the knowledge to navigate complex legal landscapes. The partnership with Bowmans has been instrumental in extending high-quality legal services to artists who might otherwise lack access. Additionally, our joint advocacy efforts have influenced policy changes that better protect artists' rights, fostering a more equitable and sustainable environment for the creative community. This comprehensive support has significantly strengthened the legal and financial security of South African artists, enhancing their ability to thrive in their careers.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Lawyers for the Arts South Africa's biggest hurdle has been securing consistent funding to sustain and expand its programs. As a nonprofit organization, relying heavily on donations, grants, and sponsorships poses a challenge, especially in a competitive funding landscape. This financial uncertainty affects the ability to offer continuous support and develop new initiatives. Additionally, raising awareness about the importance of legal support for artists and the value of their creative work has been challenging. Convincing potential donors and stakeholders of the critical need for these services requires persistent advocacy and outreach. Despite these obstacles, the organization remains committed to its mission, continually seeking innovative ways to secure resources and increase its impact on the arts community.