Lerato Mosholi

Rato Marketing Communications pty ltd

What does your company do?

Overview Rato Marketing Communications is a full-service marketing agency that focuses on shopper marketing and brand activations. We are a nationwide agency and have promotional staff at all provinces. This approach has become crucial in consumer marketing due to significant changes in consumer behavior, mass communication, retail landscape, and technological innovation. Key Services and Offerings Brand and Shopper Activations: Our company creates interactive marketing experiences that connect brands with consumers. These activations aim to build trust and engagement through direct interactions. Examples include experiential marketing events where consumers can try products, participate in activities, and interact with brand representatives. Diverse Platforms and Services: Rato Marketing Communications utilizes a variety of platforms to promote brands. These platforms ensure a measurable return on investment (ROI) for clients. Activities are strategically planned to educate and remind consumers about products or services, encouraging them to make purchases or engage with the brand. Strategic Promotional Activities: Our company conducts promotions in various high-traffic locations such as taxi ranks, shopping malls, universities, communities, in-store activations and events. These activities are designed to initiate conversations about brands or services with consumers in their everyday environments. Comprehensive Campaign Management: From concept and design to execution, Rato Marketing Communications manages every aspect of a campaign. The process includes the training of brand or service ambassadors to effectively communicate with and engage consumers. Holistic Marketing Experience: Rato Marketing Communications provides a seamless marketing experience, ensuring all elements of the campaign are aligned with strategic objectives. This includes adhering to budget constraints while delivering impactful results. Measurable Results: The company is committed to delivering detailed feedback reports, which help clients understand the effectiveness of their campaigns. This focus on measurable outcomes ensures that campaigns not only meet but exceed client expectations. Trust and Consumer Engagement Recognizing the importance of trust in marketing, Rato Marketing Communications emphasizes peer recommendations over traditional advertising. Only 14% of people trust ads, while 78% trust peer recommendations. By activating brands from the inside out and understanding consumer conversations, your company builds authentic connections between brands and consumers. Commitment to Excellence Rato Marketing Communications is dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for clients. This commitment involves a thorough understanding of both the brand and consumer perspectives to create meaningful and effective marketing strategies. In summary, Rato Marketing Communications offers a comprehensive suite of services focused on engaging consumers through innovative shopper marketing and activations. The company leverages diverse platforms, strategic promotional activities, and a commitment to measurable results to ensure client campaigns achieve their goals and foster strong consumer relationships

What is your biggest success?

One of my biggest successes since starting my business has been securing True-Cape as a major client in 2018 and Gautrain in 2021, and their loyalty and consistent support have been invaluable. This partnership has not only provided a stable stream of work but has also enabled my company to achieve its mission of empowering youth. Through the opportunities created by our collaboration with True-Cape and Gautrain, we have been able to offer young people meaningful employment, skill development, and a sense of responsibility. This success has not only fueled our growth but has also reinforced our commitment to making a positive social impact. The trust and continued engagement from True-Cape and Gautrain have been a testament to the quality and reliability of our services. This milestone has marked a turning point for my business, validating our efforts and motivating us to strive for even greater achievements in the future.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Starting my business with no initial capital, support, or assistance has been my most significant hurdle. Launching without financial resources meant that every step required immense creativity and determination. I had to juggle multiple roles often working late into the night to make ends meet. The lack of a support network added to the challenge, as I had no mentors or advisors to guide me through the early stages. Establishing my name and acquiring clients was incredibly difficult without a budget for advertising or promotions. I relied heavily on word-of-mouth, and marketing efforts to build credibility and attract clients. Despite these challenges, I persevered with unwavering passion and resilience, learning invaluable lessons along the way. Each obstacle strengthened my resolve and deepened my commitment to making my business a success, and today, those humble beginnings are a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work.