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Ellen Rose Fresh Flowers and Gifts

What does your company do?

Ellen rose fresh flowers and Gifts is an online store selling a wide range of flower arrangements and customised gifts for all occasions. The business has become a multifaceted company that has integrated ideas that are relevant to our customers by incorporating pop culture, music and entertainment while keeping our core values. We believe that gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving and part of our values is for customers to experience authentic love and appreciation through the universal love language of gifting. We want to cultivate a culture of gratitude and appreciation for the ones we love.

What is your biggest success?

In 2021, we launched Ellen Rose with a warm reception from family and friends with a display of our flowers and gifts as we introduced our mission and vision of the brand. As the result of the launch Ellen Rose was featured in Vutivi business and EWN news article profiling the business which opened many other collaborations within the community. September 2022 Ellen Rose celebrated its one year anniversary with a spring campaign shoot, showcasing our spring collection of flower bouquets, flower crowns and gifts which lead us to being on tv (Die Groot Ontbyt) with our beautiful flower’s crowns. Our new event segment was launched in July 2023 with our Speed Dating event as we look for new and creative ways to engage with our customers by reminding them love can be found in the most unexpected places, whether it’s creating relationships or friendships. The aim is also make this event constant to our single customers which will help us appeal to couples and singles. (A little love for everyone) As we continue to blossom we give our gratitude to everyone that has chosen to walk with us on this journey and we will continue to create beautiful and memorable occasions.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

We as an online business have a few key points as our biggest Hurdles .Physical store .A car for deliveries .Capital to expand our product line from not just flowers but more to the side of non bio degradable products(non perishable products) Since well we run a company online there can be many issues in terms of trust but we always seem to find our way