Lethu Sibande

Brown Enterprise


What does your company do?

*Bridge the gap between organic and luxury. *Create luxurious items that to cater to the needs of the all African woman I have different spheres. *Dedicated to give the African women a luxurious experience. 'Creating hair care and beauty products to cater to needs of Africa women from different spheres.

What is your biggest success?

Creating the company and being passionate about delivering brand that will give women and experience not just be another brand. The prospect of growing and growth as a Brand. The future opportunities of partnerships with 100% local brands. To be a brand specifically and apologetically for the African women.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not making a profit constantly. Not expanding and growing into the brand we are. Limitations to resources and connections. Having the vision but not the materials to accelerate into expansion. Lack of job and opportunities creation within the brand, due to not having funds.. Mentorship unavailability.