Letitia Pandohe

Steinkopf Tourism Investment

What does your company do?

Hollywood Lodge and Green Jewel Adventures are part of Steinkopf Tourism Investments, a private women-owned company founded in 2017 by Letitia Pandohe. Located in Steinkopf, Northern Cape, the enterprise offers a unique combination of cultural homestyle accommodation and adventure tour experiences, providing guests with a memorable and immersive stay. Hollywood Lodge: Hollywood Lodge offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for travelers. With a variety of accommodation options including cozy rooms, camping sites, and backpacker facilities, guests can enjoy personalized services and modern amenities. The lodge aims to provide a homely atmosphere where visitors can relax and experience the local culture. Green Jewel Adventures: Green Jewel Adventures focuses on providing thrilling and educational tours that showcase the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Steinkopf and its surroundings. The adventure activities include hiking, cycling, night scenic drives, and town walk-abouts. Additionally, Green Jewel Adventures offers historical and cultural tours, arts and crafts workshops, and other educational experiences that highlight the region’s rich history and traditions. Letitia Pandohe: Letitia Pandohe, the founder of Steinkopf Tourism Investments, has been the driving force behind Hollywood Lodge and Green Jewel Adventures. With a deep passion for her community and the natural beauty of the Northern Cape, Letitia has dedicated herself to creating an enterprise that not only offers exceptional services to guests but also contributes to the local economy and preserves cultural heritage. Her vision and commitment have been instrumental in establishing and growing the business, making it a sought-after destination for both national and international tourists. Primary Goal The primary goal of Hollywood Lodge and Green Jewel Adventures is to offer a comprehensive and immersive travel experience that combines comfortable accommodation with exciting adventure and cultural activities. The company aims to: Promote Local Culture and Heritage: By offering tours and workshops that highlight the unique cultural and historical aspects of Steinkopf, the company seeks to educate and engage guests while preserving local traditions. Provide Quality Accommodation: Ensuring that guests have a comfortable and memorable stay through well-maintained facilities and personalized services. Support Sustainable Tourism: Implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting responsible tourism to protect and enhance the natural and cultural environment of Steinkopf. Foster Community Engagement: Building strong relationships with the local community and supporting local businesses through partnerships and collaborations. Hollywood Lodge and Green Jewel Adventures strive to create an exceptional travel experience that benefits both visitors and the local community.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success in the business has been the recognition and growth of Hollywood Lodge and Green Jewel Adventures as a premier destination in Steinkopf. Winning the Northern Cape Excellence Award was a monumental achievement, highlighting our dedication to providing exceptional service and unique experiences to our guests. This prestigious award affirmed our commitment to excellence and brought significant visibility to our business. We've successfully created a harmonious blend of cultural homestyle accommodation and thrilling adventure activities, attracting a diverse range of guests from all over the world. Our ability to offer personalized experiences, from hiking and nature walks to cultural tours and workshops, has set us apart in the industry. The support and positive feedback from our guests have been incredibly rewarding, and the award has motivated us to continue enhancing our services and expanding our offerings.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle in the business has been managing the extensive renovations and upgrades needed to maintain and improve our facilities while ensuring minimal disruption to our guests. Balancing these operational challenges with daily business activities has been demanding, especially given the financial constraints and the need for specialized skills. Additionally, transportation for materials from Springbok to Steinkopf has posed logistical challenges, with high rental costs and delays impacting our renovation schedule. Another significant challenge has been navigating the competitive tourism market and effectively reaching our target audience. Marketing our unique blend of accommodation and adventure activities to attract a diverse range of guests requires continuous effort and adaptation to changing market trends. Despite these hurdles, our commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences and our recent recognition with the Northern Cape Excellence Award have driven us to overcome these obstacles and continue striving for excellence.