Letlhogonolo Mabena

Dimlet Energy

What does your company do?

Dimlet Energy trading as Dfuel is registered with the department of minerals and Energy holding a license in terms of the petroleum products Act, 1977 (Act No. 120 of 1977). It specializes in the sales and distribution of bulk petroleum products. Diesel, Petrol, lubricants, LP Gas and illuminating paraffin can be procured through Dfuel and will be transported to the location of interest. Our petroleum distribution organisation is a leading reliable entity that provides or helps you gain quality and savings. Deliveries range anywhere from 1000 litres to 40000 litres at a time. Dfuel sources fuel from the authorised and selected dealers of oil companies. We follow a strict quality assurance program to ensure every drop of fuel is verified for quality before it is delivered.

What is your biggest success?

In the last two years, Dfuel diesel supply business achieved remarkable success by becoming a trusted supplier to construction companies. This accomplishment was fueled by our commitment to providing reliable and high-quality diesel fuel, tailored to meet the demanding needs of construction projects. Our strategic focus on understanding the unique requirements of the construction industry enabled us to offer flexible delivery schedules, ensuring that our clients always had access to fuel when and where they needed it most. By establishing strong relationships with construction firms, we became their preferred fuel supplier, earning their trust through consistent service and competitive pricing. Furthermore, our dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in our proactive approach to problem-solving and our willingness to go above and beyond to meet the evolving needs of our construction partners. Whether it was providing emergency fuel deliveries to keep projects running smoothly or offering technical expertise on fuel management, we positioned ourselves as more than just a supplier but as a reliable partner in their success.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Currently Dfuel as diesel distribution business, lacks its own storage facilities, which leads to significant logistical challenges. Without dedicated storage, -the company rely on third-party storage providers, which can lead to increased costs and dependency. One major hurdle is ensuring reliable access to storage facilities, especially during peak demand periods or emergencies. Limited storage availability result in supply shortages or delays in fulfilling customer orders, which sometimes damages the business's reputation and customer relationships. -In addition, without control over storage facilities, the we face constraints in managing inventory levels efficiently. This lead to overstocking or understocking situations, impacting cash flow and profitability. We further struggle to implement quality control measures, risking product integrity and compliance with industry standards and regulations. In order to overcome these hurdles, we need to establish strong partnerships with reliable storage providers or gantries, implement robust inventory management systems, and prioritize flexibility and adaptability in their operations to navigate the challenges effectively, but all this needs a huge capital.