Lilian Kistan


What does your company do?

Tekwecomm provides a variety of specialized services and products tailored for the telecommunications sector. Additionally, Tekwecomm has recently branched out into the steel fabrication industry, offering support to the construction sector. After acquiring the business six years ago, which was then experiencing low turnover and nearing closure, a strategic decision was implemented to diversify and expand revenue streams by introducing the following services: Services offered: • Civil and Site Builds • Site security enhancement • MW & RF Installation • Site Commissioning & Integration • Container Cladding • Aircon Rejuvenation, Maintenance & Installation • Rectifier repairs • Generator repairs • DAS Builds • Patent Filed DC Cladding • Container refurbishment • PIM Testing and RF Fault Finding • Working at Heights and Abseiling • Anchor Pointing Supply, Installation and Annual testing • VC Approved Fall Arrest Systems supply & install • VC Approved Temporary/Permanent Lifeline Systems supply and install • Steel fabrication

What is your biggest success?

Our greatest triumph came with the first R1M order we secured. It was a golden opportunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities. Our compact team of eight faced the daunting task of completing a R1M project within two weeks. Not only did we achieve our goal with three days to spare, but we also took on an additional 200K order without extending the deadline. That moment truly distinguished us. We tackled the challenge directly and celebrated our victory like never before.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Undoubtedly, the most formidable challenge was conquering doubts about my ability to run a business and transforming my mindset. After two decades as a salaried employee in the corporate sector, it was vital to challenge my self-imposed barriers. I learned that success is a personal odyssey where self-mastery and internal development, though often arduous, are key. I have witnessed success flourish as the garden of my mind has grown. Profit generation has taken a back seat to the overarching goal of positively influencing the lives affected by my enterprise.