Linah Ramalepe

Ramalepe Group

What does your company do?

Ramalepe Group -Security, cleaning, catering, shuttle, construction and retail ( Masale supermarket)

What is your biggest success?

To overcome domestic violence and advocate for the abused and become a beacon of hope for women and children. Achieve a degree on record time in public administration & management and Post Graduate Diploma in Communication at the age of 47, became the founder and director of the company and employ 250 security officers, cleaners and retailers. Qualified as an assessor and train employees for different skill development programs. To qualify as an ECD principal and manage the multipurpose center – teaching the vulnerable on how to read and wright and donate food and clothing to the needy. To work with NPO for adults teaching and encouraging them to do garden and sell vegetables, do hand work, to read and wright. To support the care and counselling center for teenagers, abused mothers and children, engaging with social workers and donating food and clothing to them. To win the 2023 continental title of Mrs Tourism of Africa and Mrs Tourism of the world 2023 whereby I advocate for the historically disadvantaged societies internationally to have clean drinking water and asked the wealthy countries to support and invest on my water treatment plan project which will give life to everybody in the world.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

To get the funders for the water treatment plan project that I already started whereby I will be able to supply water to the needy society to minimize the risks of Cholera outbreak specifically in Hammanskraal where it manifested a lot, and the Vision Olympia project to teach ECDs and intermediate phase leaners from rural schools starting in Limpopo- how to swim and become international super stars because it is a scarce skill and to reduce accidental infant drowning. The project has already started as well.