Lindiwe Mashigo

Talitha Cumi Little Girl Arise

What does your company do?

- Grooming girls into understanding their worth and purpose. - Creating platforms that houses opportunities for girls.

What is your biggest success?

- Being able to take girls to the camp for 3 consecutive years, moving them away from the craziness that happens around the 16th of December holiday. - Being able to raise funds by asking individuals to help take the girls that cannot afford to pay for the camps. - Being able to organize sanitary pads for them at all the camps

What has been your biggest hurdle?

- Not being able to assist all the girls that cannot afford to go to the camps, since we are an organization that has no funding. - Every gathering including our workshops need money and not all girls can afford to attend, it is not all the time that I can help all the girls that I wish to help.