Lizanda Marnewick

Quantim Legal Solutions Pty Ltd

What does your company do?

We are a software company that develops and supplies legal accounting and practice management software to the Legal Industry. Our software is fully integrated with Microsoft and other leading software specifically designed for the Legal industry. Our initial aim was to ensure small and start up firms get the same management systems that was exclusively designed for big firms, but as we grew, so did our target market. We can now supply practice management software to any size firm, from a sole practitioner to large firms with multiple partners and users. • It saves time and resources by reducing the hours spent on administrative and routine tasks. • It boosts revenue and profitability by increasing the billable hours and reducing the overhead costs. • It improves quality and accuracy by minimizing the risks of errors and omissions. • It enables innovation and growth by allowing firms to adopt new technologies and expand their services. • It creates a competitive edge and reputation by demonstrating the firm's professionalism and expertise.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success is seeing how we make a difference in law firms, enhancing their systems and ensuring that they save time with our software. We also provide training and support for people working in firms to use technology to their best advantage. Ensuring we equip the financial staff with tools to help them make informed decisions regarding the financial side of law firms. Our biggest success story, is with the help of our software and systems, we streamlined a large firm's accounting procedures in such a way that they reduced their staff in the bookkeeping department from 5 to 2 people, saving them money. Constant updates and enhancements to our software ensuring that we stay ahead of technology.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of the biggest hurdles in starting Quantim was finding and employing the correct people to do the development and share my vision of the company. I had to be very selective and proactive in my hiring process. I searched for a candidate with not only the skills, but also the passion, curiosity and creativeness. I found my partner who was willing to take the risk with me. Another major hurdle was funding the project. We required expensive hardware, software and infrastructure. We knew this will be a long time with uncertain outcomes, as a result we faced difficulties in raising funds from investors who may be skeptical about the feasibility and profitability of the product. Marketing Quantim in a world where there are other bigger firms with more resources and marketing funding was difficult as we had to get the attention and trust of potential clients and firms. The bigger software companies were well-known in the industry, so we had to focus on our customer support and personal and individual attention to each client.