Lucretia kgowe


What does your company do?

We create custom handmade crochet items. We make crochet clothing, bucket hats, handbags and hand beaded jewellery(bracelets & necklaces)

What is your biggest success?

Pointing on my sales milestone for my business, from last year December we have been selling at local market at out recent market we reach an all-time sake milestone that we had not achieved before and from that we've gained loyal customers who've been supporting us so from the market we are able to to build a loyal customer base, this gave us the motivation to expand to other markets

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Biggest hurdles that we've ecounted has been for one competition; the fashion industry is highly competitive,requiring you to always find ways to differentiate your brand and products from others in the market.Marketing and branding;building brand awareness and attracting customers in a crowed marketplace requires effective strategies and consistent branding efforts and also financial management, managing cash flow,budget for expenses like production, marketing, and overhead costs, and ensuring profitability can be challenging, especially in the early stages of the business. Trends and Seasonality can also be a challenge as keeping up with rapidly changing fashion trends and seasonal fluctuations in demand requires agility and adaptability in product development and inventory planning.