Lufuno Mauvhelwana

InnovaHospitality Solutions

What does your company do?

At InnovaHospitality, our mission is to transform the hospitality sector through pioneering strategies and seasoned expertise. As one of the leading consultancy firm in this field, we prioritize regulatory adherence and the seamless integration of technology to foster long-term sustainability for our clients' ventures.

What is your biggest success?

Securing a partnership with the Emfuleni municipality stands as one of my most significant accomplishments. This collaboration ensured that local guesthouses, lodges, and other accommodation providers met regulatory standards, enhancing both credibility and visibility for my company. Moreover, this partnership enabled me to extend support to others in the industry, further solidifying our commitment to driving positive change within the hospitality sector.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Navigating the early stages of entrepreneurship presented formidable challenges for me. Initially grappling with uncertainty and self-doubt, I questioned the value my business could bring to others. Despite feeling ambitious for my age, securing funding proved to be a daunting hurdle. However, overcoming these obstacles ultimately fortified my resolve and equipped me with invaluable lessons for the journey ahead.