Lulu Ndhlovu

Mcc Engineering (pty) ltd

What does your company do?

We supply labour hire (contractor) and mining consumables at thungela mines and surrounding mines

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success has been to create employment for 12 guys. With the low employment rate in South Africa, this can improve the Economic Impact, reduce disparities in income distribution, improves social unrest and discontent and many other factors. Addressing unemployment is essential for South Africa’s economic prosperity, social stability and overall well being . Policies that promote job creation, skills development and gender equality are crucial and is headed to a brighter future. So for me being part of the people that make a difference in the countrys economy/ employment rate is my biggest success, even if it is just 1 percent difference.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1. My biggest hardle has been having to grow in terms of having office space ( I am still working from home), company vehicle to transport my employees to work/ on site and workshop for storage for our equipment. 2. Securing a long term contract so that we can grow as a company and that my employees can also have permanent or long term contracts. In order to maintain the improvement of low employment rate, we need to have a long term working contract and that has been quite a challenge.