Lungile Melody Sefume


What does your company do?

LMS Towing and Recoveries is a Level 1 BB- BEE company based in Johannesburg offering Roadside Assistance directly to motorists, to insurance companies who offer the service of their clients as well as to other service providers who need to reinforce their capacity by outsourcing.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success was being able to keep the business afloat, and managing the finance record in order to get bank finance for the vehicle and business finance from Gauteng Enterprise Propeler to finance the vacant land for car storage yard as it one of the requirements from the insurance companies. LMS Towing and Recoveries is also part of the Wesbank (rt46 Government maintenance fleet tender) we are doing the road assist and towing services facilitated by Wesbank for all government fleet. We have also been approached by WeBuy cars do be their main supplier for roadside and towing service for their customers.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle is gaining access to markets, also the vetting process for insurance companies is quite intense as your business need to be fully established before you can be onboarded as one of the service provider. So if you are a start up business it takes a lot of strain for all of the above mentioned.