Lungisa Meyiwa


What does your company do?

We are a Luxury crotchet company, specialising in Crotcheted hats. KroshèLo celebrates colour and uniqueness expressed through the different fashion aesthetics.

What is your biggest success?

Within the first few months of operation, we had the honour of being featured in the Women’s issue of TrueLove (2023). This was a nod to our craft, and saw us propelling to greater heights. A worthy mention has been that for the 3 months we have had consistent orders. This is a great achievement as it speaks well to our growth in the business.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being new to business, we have learnt the importance of research and preparation from an incident of a Supplier delay. We had an order to finish, having told the client when they can expect it. The delivery date was fast approaching, but we had a massive delay with our yarn supplier ordering the wrong colour and thickness than the one requested. This incident had us re-evaluating our workflow, bookkeeping to marketing, to ensure that we do not disappoint clients. We learnt to prepare in advance by analysing the social media analytics, deciphering the popular colours and styles. It got us into trend analysis aswell.