Lwandile Mnguni

Favoured Culinary

What does your company do?

Favoured Culinary is a multi-faceted production house, specializing in both bread and confectionery products. We started this business out of a deep passion for cooking and a desire to improve people's lives. The motive behind the establishment of Favoured Culinary is to produce mainly bread lines items at an affordable price yet still maintaining the quality and the goodness in the bread. We belive we can produce more for many for less. It is reported that the annual consumer price inflation was sitting at 5.3 % in March 2024 from 5.1% in December 2023, which makes it clear that with an increase in CPI there will be limitations on food spending for many families in the low- earning class leading to malnourished families, sickness and death. We at Favoured Culinary want combat hunger, malnutrition and ease the pressure on South Africans by offering bread that comes 30% less than our competitors, as bread is a daily necessity. Favoured Culinary has a bakery based in the township of Clayville Extension 45. We leverage on the fact that the area is developing and we are the most easily accessible bakery in the area. The area of Clayville is has (number of people) inhabitants/ residents, most of them being people who are pensioners, unemployed and young children.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success yet is actually opening a front store and not just baking confectionery items but baking bread, something that fills an empty stomach.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Marketing the bakery has been the biggest hurdle. So many people/still don't know about the bakery and that is all the profit we could be making. It breaks my heart that I didn't put a big budget on that and just depended on word of mouth.Loadshedding: I lost so much stock due to loadshedding.