Magriet Potgieter

Write and Shine Media House

What does your company do?

At Write and Shine, we're all about: ❤️ Network: We're a tight-knit family of storytellers, supporting each other to shine brighter in our creative pursuits and businesses. 🥳 Events: Let's celebrate your milestones together! From book launches to business successes, we love making every achievement a memorable event, both online and in person. ✍️ Books, Courses, Products, and Services: As your trusted Media House, we're here to equip you with the tools you need to shine. Our courses, events, products, and services are designed to empower you and give your work the exposure it deserves. 🎬 PR, Media, and Marketing: Your unique voice and stories matter. We're passionate about helping you frame your ideas, share your perspective, and make a lasting impact. Shine on various platforms, including the TEDx Stage! (Psst, we're not affiliated with TED or TEDx, but we're here to help you get there!)

What is your biggest success?

I did not have any money starting this business. But I do believe in the power of storytelling. I pitched for an international TEDx talk, and got it a week after. "Eat+Play+Love" Launching my latest book this week : "Found in the Aftermath" and could not be more thrilled to keep sharing stories through my work in the incredible team working with me to not only write stories, but publish them on various platforms around the globe.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I would say finances as I mostly have been working on my own as a one woman show, and being a single mom (and orphan with very little support)