Mahlatse Mamaila


What does your company do?

We collect waste cooking oil and convert it into green fuel for a running engine construction, farm, mining equipments, fleets and airplanes.

What is your biggest success?

Inclusion of women, youth, young boys and girls in rural communities in applying the power of digital technology for climate action. Launching a facility in rural communities for water research for young girls from grade R to grade 10. In working with 10 young girls and boys in rural communities in innovation, technology and green fuel manufacturing. That we just signed the collaboration with the Deutsche Aircraft in Germany manufacturing of regional commercial aircraft that build a climate friendly sustainable aviation and enabling zero emissions aircraft in participating in engineering and supply green fuel manufactured by Me and the 10 young girls and boys in flying their aircraft to committed to accelerating the transition towards carbon neutral flights.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Access to funds Access to the Market The red-tape That I started producing 100 Litres monthly which was very challenging to get it tested, certified, storage tanks and manufacturing facility that needed so much funding and we were unable to access to the other grants and funding due to red-tape regulations as a startup.