Mahlatse Ndebele

Msatsi Foundation Helping Hands

What does your company do?

We helping kids with clothes,food,to apply for tertiary institution,most importantly we teach them about mental health,development sustainability

What is your biggest success?

Our main achievement was when we get to have a serious talk with students especially girls,they started opening up on me about the difficulties of being a young woman in a rural area,some they cant even talk to their own parents as they are afraid of them to open up so that really showed me that it is very important to have the NPO where i opened the door for the young girls and also boys to come talk to us and we are able to listen and help where we can.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The most difficulties that i came across is when m not able to help kids when they are in need as we dont have sponsors we only survive by asking donations from people sometimes we really want to help kids but we are failing due to lack of resources and it really pains our heart if we cant help kids that are in need.