Makayla Jack

Socialite Digital (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

We're a full-suit marketing agency offering Strategy-led creative. We're a team of creatives, but as much as we're all about exciting, attention-grabbing content, we're also about strategy. Content Creation, Brand Strategy, Campaign Management, Branding, Social Media, Events Content, Paid Ads, Photography and so much more! You may be thinking, marketing, a kind of common and obvious idea, but we are trying to reach the untapped markets. There are smaller agencies, catering to smaller businesses, and massive decades-old agencies catering to the billion-rand-businesses. We're the agency that can do it all, we work with small businesses who need the high-quality help at an affordable price, we work with medium-sized businesses who have the bigger-but-not-billions budget and we aim to work with some more of massive brands.

What is your biggest success?

My business has grown so fast that my partner was able to quit his full-time job to join us as creative director, levelling up my business. We upgraded to a cinema-line camera, to help us create game-changing content. Financial growth has allowed me to drop projects hindering my mental health and make space for growth-focused projects that allow me to build a bigger team. A more specific success is working with an international, Women’s podcast, to grow their community, we have recently gone viral with our recent video at almost half a million views on Instagram, and 100k+ views on TikTok, garnering the attention of celebs and other well-known names. We recently filmed a video for an Orphanage, organised by their sponsor, to raise awareness for their cause. This is a success for us, as we aim to spend more time raising awareness on important matters.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Aside from the common business hurdles: - Saying yes to everything and working at other people's prices instead of my prices: Saying yes to everything meant overworking, feeling taken for granted and dealing with anxiety. I have since stopped saying yes to every project, sticking to my rates and prioritising mental health and optimal performance. - Running my business with a heart condition. Don't get me wrong, my heart condition hasn't been life-threatening and it doesn't affect me every day, and so I don't aim to seek too much sympathy for this, but the physical symptoms I experience when overworked and anxious, can make things a little harder, and of course isn't great for my health. I'd like to prioritise my mental and physical health, and I believe with some financial input and publicity of my brand, I'll be able to grow my team bigger, to ensure I'm performing optimally.