Makhosazana Mbombo

Chasing Bubbles (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

Chasing Bubbles is a creative brand and design studio that believes in the power of play, courage, and curiosity as part of a brand's development journey. Our goal is to help clients create purpose-driven brands by incorporating playfulness and imagination into the branding process. The company's focus is on the inner child's perspective, bringing a sense of wonder and curiosity to every project we undertake. Our work spans branding, packaging, web design, and immersive marketing experiences. We infuse every project with a unique blend of introspection and exuberance, daring to push the boundaries of creativity. Play is at the centre of our strategic development of people's personal branding and corporate brand journeys and so in addition to our brand and design service offerings, we also host teachable brand and design workshops to help guide people to better define and understand their brand purpose and vision. Our purpose: Empowering people to unlock their true purpose and infuse a bold and playful spirit into their branding journey. Our Vision: Our goal is to create an inclusive space where creativity, play, and business can thrive without limitations. Our Values. Chasing Bubble's approach to our values, emphasizes imagination, inclusivity, and collaboration in creating memorable learning experiences in a safe space where we can dare to dream big: - Imagination-centric - Safe Spaces - Collaboration - Teachable moments

What is your biggest success?

Chasing Bubbles has achieved significant and ongoing success as an essential part of our client's brand growth and development. Working with bold clients who have invested in our brand and design services has been rewarding, as we've seen their businesses flourish as a result. Many clients who have undertaken rebranding or new branding journeys with us have experienced impressive returns and achieved their business objectives. It has been inspiring to witness the evolution and transformation of each client's personal brand and passion projects come to life in their respective industries, having also been encouraged to pursue their goals with the incorporation of their inner-child desires of play curiosity even in a corporate environment. One notable brand launch was the rebranding of Kekana Hlatshwayo Radebe Inc. Attorneys and the progress they have made since the inception of their new brand.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of my biggest and most challenging obstacles has been finding the courage and confidence to establish and stand by a pricing model that truly reflects the value and positive investment in choosing Chasing Bubbles as a preferred service provider. This challenge involves setting boundaries that may result in turning down clients who do not recognize the value of paying for our services, potentially leading to a loss of income, which can be quite disheartening when you are pursuing your life purpose and passion, essentially business growth. This challenge has been a positive experience because it constantly reminds me of the value of my experience, creative skills, and purpose-driven ambitions. I am committed to using these strengths to help other businesses thrive by choosing Chasing Bubbles as their preferred brand design services provider.