Makhotso Mabote

Heartwork South Africa

What does your company do?

With an ever-increasing need for individuals to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organisations, so is there a need to provide support and aid in bridging the gap between the current state and the desired end state. Heartwork South Africa is a Coaching and Human Resources consultancy created with a vision of being a catalyst of people development in both personal and professional contexts. It does this through assessing the current state, setting measurable and identifiable goals, creating a plan, executing and supporting individuals towards the destination of goal attainment. With experience and expertise in psychology, human capital management & development as well as education, Heartwork South Africa has merged these to develop a future-focused coaching consultancy to develop and support individuals in achieving their goals through the implementation of practical knowledge, tools and resources as well as the warmth of a caring heart. Heartwork South Africa has, since its inception in 2020 successfully worked with individuals and SMEs alike, providing both Coaching and HR consulting expertise.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success has been the work I have engaged in with a psychology practice where I drove the implementation of moving it from a two-person operation, to a current multi-million rand generating service provider of psychological and assessment services. The business has moved from a small business to a growing business which now employs and contracts 10 individuals and continues to scale. The provision of HR process, compliance and strategy support enabled the business to move beyond the smaller scale it was operating at and actively seek additional streams of income and advanced mechanisms of servicing clients. The business is now fully compliant and is seeking expansion into other provinces in the country.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle has been acquiring the necessary capacity (Human Capital) to service clients at even better levels. In the quest to offer even better service to my clients and grow the business, I am currently pursuing my MPhil in Leadership Coaching with the University of Johannesburg. Doing this whilst running the consultancy where I am the sole person to engage clients (both in HR matters and coaching) has meant juggling several moving parts, whilst maintaining excellent service levels and client satisfaction. The time and room required to strategies and plan is minimal due to the multiple demands however I am continuously working towards finding options for managing clients as effectively as possible during peak periods.