Malitsatsi Faith Mokhachane

Letsatsi Foundation

What does your company do?

Patriotic Minds Institute (PMI) is an integrated community-based initiative which is rehabilitation and transformation orientated. The project seeks to alleviate crime and substance abuse in our communities through a training and education program that is strategically designed to enforce critical thinking, discipline, character development, and corporate productivity. The sole purpose of this initiative is to develop the status quo of unemployment and illiteracy as we have identified that the two factors are the bases/root cause of continued crime and substance abuse. Patriotic Minds Institute (PMI) identified that unemployment and illiteracy tend to propel individuals into crime to enable them to survive economically, and also that unemployment and illiteracy tend to increase the anomie among the unemployed/Academically less inclined that is related to criminal behavior. Following the accumulated data from research and practical observations, PMI aims to combat crime trough the following programs. - Social Work Services Early Intervention Program (EIP) Victim Empowerment Program (VEP) Reintegration Substance Abuse Aftercare Program Referrals - Skills Development Bakery Brick Production Crop & Poultry Farming Digital Literacy - Tutoring In School Pupils Center Based Learning (For School dropouts) ABET - Community Art Center (CAC) Music Drama Dance Poetry Painting and Drawing Film Production Football Netball Softball Basketball -Life Skills Children and Youth Clubs Mentorship Program Nature Conservation

What is your biggest success?

We have secured a temporary operational venue at Maluti Civic Center, where we are granted permission to occupy an office space and the hall for our Academic Support, youth development program, social services and creative Class Lessons. - We have created a relationship with deferent stakeholders, the schools they referee learners to come to center and we assist them with academics (homework's, projects, research, assignments and exam preparations etc.) - Conducted child behavior sessions. - We managed to work with social development where we referee cases that need court and assign them to their ward social worker. We have work with stakeholders to campaign (Child Protection Act as it required in child protection Act 85 of 2005, Substance Abuse and Gender Based Violence) -Afterschool program where we assist learners in grade 1 to grade 12 with academics (Homeworks, activities, research, school projects) -Assisting grade 12 Learners to watch a professional live performance of an English first additional language Literature prescribed book, My Children My Africa - We established the Youth Development Program where we assist the youth with creation of CVs, Job Applications, University/College/TVET, Learnership/Intention Application, NSFAS, and Bursary Application. - We are currently conducting Creative Arts Lessons in Maluti Civic Center. (Music, Dance, and Drama) - We have approached Matatiele Local Municipality Local District to request/propose as site to establish our permanent operational venue. The procurement for this proposal is still in progress.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

at this point our biggest hurdle id the lack of the foundation's operational venue, under our own name where can build and grow this institution to accommodate every individual. the operational funds are also a big challenge as we need to keep the foundation moving. equipment for the foundation and the Stuff to be employed that can assist the community as fast and quick as we can. 1. Operational venue 2. operational funds 3. Equipment. 4. Stuff development and more employees.