Marion Marillier

Mom to Many Development

What does your company do?

SCOPE OF ACTIVITIES AND FOCUS AREAS: Our scope of activities are geared towards achieving the overall mission in the underdeveloped community, towards reaching the goals integrated into our 3-tier Mom to Many Sustainable Development Plan. 1. Mission towards Women Empowerment 2. Mission towards improving Early Childhood Development 3. Mission towards fostering a healthy state of Mental well-being, as an holistic approach to our Mom to Many Development Plan What we, as a Support Organisation aims to o achieve is through the successful implementation of our Mom to Many Development Programme. We have established ourselves as a Developmental Start-up institute within the vulnerable community, by creating a physical presence for members to access our services in their community and imparting to them the skills required for betterment. Achieving this presence has alleviated the issue of transport costs and inability of members to reach our Developmental services, if situated too far outside of their community. Our goals: A. Mission towards Women Empowerment 1. To fight women subordination through the restoration of dignity to all Women 2. To fight the scourge of Gender Based Violence towards women 3. To avoid the spread of HIV aids through providing sexual education 4. To empower women to become economically self-sustaining operating a small business 5. Skills Development and Training for Women to enter formal employment B. Mission towards improving Early Childhood Development 6. Early Childhood Development interventions by providing Nutritional Supplementation and assistance with Basic needs for the growing child 7. To aide and improve the level of Cognitive Development offered to Children at the Educare in the underdeveloped community 8. To decrease the prevalence of child neglect and child abuse of all children C. Mission towards a healthy state of Mental well-being as an holistic approach to our Mom to Many Development Plan 9. Mental Health Awareness Training and Trauma Counselling for Women and Children who are victims of Gender Based Violence 10. Provide a model of referral for professional medical interventions in the instances of severe mental health trauma, abuse and illnesses Pilot Project implemented: Floradale Primary School, Nompumelelo – 2021 Current projects implemented: Uyakhanya Daycare Centre, Nompumelelo Townshp; 2021,2022 - Present Hlumisa Educare, Nompumelelo Townshp; 2023 - Present

What is your biggest success?

Our greatest achievement was that we acquired our first Mobile Centre. We were hard pressed to get our skills to the people since they do not have access to our services when we are too far away. When we were able to place our Centre within the community, it opened up a world of opportunity to help more people. We are now able to access our members in a more structured manner, since they are able to come to a safe space and a designated area, which is dedicated to their development and upliftment. Our meals are cooked and delivered within 10minutes to our recipients meaning they acquire a warm meal on days when they are partaking in our nutritional scheme. It has truly been an amazing achievement and development for us to be see the impact we are making in the community.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been to fight the spirit of lethargy or apathy amongst some of the people we to assist. I say to our recipients that, we as an organisation, are not here to do anything FOR you. We are here to assist you, so that you may gain the skills and tools which you need, to help yourselves live a better life. We are then faced with the challenge of working against the mindset of people who do not quite see the need to learn new behaviours.