Masego Nkomo

Masego Nkomo Podiatrist

What does your company do?

Our podiatry practice provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and associated lower limb disorders. Provides comprehensive care for a wide range of foot-related issues, including injuries, deformities, infections, and chronic conditions. We utilize various treatment modalities such as orthotics, physical therapy, footwear recommendations, medications and surgical interventions.

What is your biggest success?

Recently, I was honoured to speak at the Mabopane Retired Nurses Forum, at the Mabopane indoor sports centre, highlighting our expertise in foot care for the elderly. This opportunity not only showcased our knowledge but also established our practice as a trusted authority in the field. Also, we have established a strong referral network with other healthcare practitioners and receiving positive patient feedback.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Navigating the complexities of medical aid claims has been our biggest hurdle. However, with the implementation of an efficient billing software, we've streamlined the process, improving cash flow and operational efficiency.