Maseko Mmathapelo


What does your company do?

My company does custom made fashion, wedding and styling. We deal with everything female fashion. We design and sell garments.

What is your biggest success?

The turning point in my career came when I caught the attention of the popular TV drama series, Skeem Sam, airing on SABC1. They approached me to design a wedding gown for a special scene featuring Lizzy and Zamo's wedding. The gown received immense love and admiration from viewers, leaving them in awe. What made this achievement even more special was the fact that I took on the project single handedly, without seeking assistance from my then seamstress. Over the years, I have dressed numerous individuals in influential positions and have worked on countless weddings. However, this particular opportunity propelled my brand to new heights in the business world. It not only opened doors for me but also earned me widespread recognition. Now, I am strategising ambitious plans to expand my brand and create permanent job opportunities.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The most challenging aspect of my business was the initial phase, when I was not yet operational and required machinery to expand. Unfortunately, just as things were running smoothly, the Covid pandemic struck, forcing us to halt all operations. This meant a significant decline in our main sources of income, such as events, weddings, and graduations. The situation became slow paced and chaotic. However, I persevered and continued to work diligently, fulfilling smaller orders. Thankfully, we have now managed to regain stability and are back on track.