Megan Pietersen

Noa & Co

What does your company do?

Noa and Co creates premium, smart and clean health and wellness supplements for the whole family with a focus on Female health. All Noa and Co products are locally created and manufactured from start to finish. A break through for female health and first in its category globally, our locally formulated and manufactured breastfeeding support is a first to market super product for lactating moms- a win for female health! Breastfeeding support is a true 2 in 1 - an electrolyte solution and galactagogue with clinically trialled milk producing herbs- exactly what every mama needs through her feeding journey. Finally moms stay happy, hydrated and with a steady milk supply-without all the nasties. Our formulation has added vitamin C and all the good stuff- only clean labels across our range. This product has attracted global attention and our was a labour of love by our founder Megan and her team of dynamic female experts. Our cult collagen creamer that is locally formulated and manufactured is the only collagen in the country with gut loving prebiotics, MCTs from organic coconut milk powder and ultra premium hydrolysed collagen peptides, all at the perfect dose. A perfect 3 in 1 for the ultimate glow and a happy gut! Our return customer rate is extremely high and its an addition to your morning you wont want to go without - hello stable blood sugar levels and gorgeous skin hair and nails. It truly is the best collagen on the market with no fillers or nasties - we are proud of our ingredient labels. Noa and Co has made its mark in the local health and Wellness category and an exciting future awaits!!

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success has been being the first wellness product to be sold in Poetry stores South Africa and being featured as the best collagen on the market by Womens health magazine here Megan was also identified as a local female entrepreneur to watch by Poetry Stores south Africa Our founders story was also recently covered in the Wellness warehouse magazine May edition here We have also have partnered with global brands such as Nutribullet and Elisabeth Arden.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has strangely been the biggest focus of our business since inception. Having a fully local product has come with its hurdles- many of our competitors blend product in asia and get packaging in bulk there too- but all of our elements are 100% local. Our packaging has been the biggest set back holding us back from bigger profits but 4 years in we have now found incredible partners- so its just smooth sailing ahead.