Michell Moswane

Mishies Company

What does your company do?

Mishie's Company is a Bakery producing over 100 types of loaves of bread daily,and other confectionery and pastry products.We are based in the Rural villages of Ga-masemola,Limpopo. Currently we have expanded to Catering and Equipment hiring. Our team consists of 10 members, including a marketing officer, a day-to-day manager, and myself, who also handle accounting duties. Our bakers are qualified with two years of training.While breads are ubiquitous,we also prioritize community impact by donating loaves to local preschools and fostering entrepreneurship through programs like "Empower Her," which encourages young women to start their own businesses. We ensure affordability, with each product yielding a 50% profit margin after covering overhead and expenses. We've collaborated with organizations like Capricorn FM and Vodacom NXT Level through initiatives like "Youth Making Moves." Catering for Kagiso Trust, a government program, and opening a branch in Themisa, Gauteng, have expanded our reach. Ultimately, we believe in providing access to quality bread for everyone, including those in need, and see this opportunity as a way to further that mission.

What is your biggest success?

We have recently won Pitch and exihibit Competition called Bambelela business Awards by Hollywood foundation in January this year. As a bakery business, our biggest success has been cultivating a loyal customer base through our commitment to quality and creativity. We additionally made it to the Top 20 winners of a Programme called Jammi Femmes by Women in Africa and Coca cola Foundation .Our custom cake designs have garnered widespread acclaim, becoming a go-to choice for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions. The introduction of unique flavor combinations and artisanal breads has set us apart, attracting food enthusiasts seeking something beyond the ordinary. Additionally, our community engagement initiatives, such as sponsoring local events and collaborating with other small businesses, have strengthened our brand's presence. Ultimately, seeing customers return time and again, and witnessing the joy our creations bring to their celebrations, stands as a testament to our success in the bakery industry.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle as a bakery business has been navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The sudden closures, restrictions on gatherings, and shift towards remote work significantly impacted foot traffic and event bookings. Adapting to new health and safety protocols while maintaining the quality of our products required careful planning and investment. Supply chain disruptions also presented challenges, with fluctuating ingredient availability and pricing. Furthermore, the uncertainty in consumer behavior and preferences during the pandemic forced us to pivot our offerings and marketing strategies. Despite these hurdles, we persevered by implementing online ordering, contactless pickup, and delivery services. Through resilience and innovation, we continue to overcome these obstacles and remain committed to serving our community with delicious baked goods.