Minette Sieberhagen


What does your company do?

At Lipped, we celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of every woman by offering customizable lipstick creation experiences. Our workshops and events empower women to design their perfect shades, embracing and honoring the diversity of all skin tones. Through our inclusive approach, we aim to boost confidence and promote self-expression, fostering a community where every woman feels valued and beautiful. Join us in celebrating individuality and the power of choice, because every woman deserves to wear a shade that reflects her true self.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success lies in its innovative approach to beauty, allowing customers to create their own custom lipstick shades through workshops and home kits. Launched in 2021 after two years of meticulous planning, I have made a significant impact by offering personalized experiences that cater to diverse skin tones and individual preferences. This customization not only empowers women to express their unique beauty but also fosters a sense of community through events like kitchen teas, team-building sessions, and bachelorette parties. The success of Lipped is further underscored by its expansion to multiple locations and the popularity of its home kits, which provide all the necessary materials for creating custom lipsticks at home​. To date more than 5000 South African women has been able to celebrate their uniqueness and make their own custom lipstick

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been overcoming the challenge of raising capital to sustain and grow the business. As a younger entrepreneur, the I faced difficulties securing funding from banks and other financial institutions due to limited financial history and collateral. This was particularly challenging given the capital-intensive nature of the product-based business.