Miranda Forrester

Miranda Forrester Spa & Beauty Placements / MFSBP

What does your company do?

MFSBP is a niche agency offering recruitment, consultancy, procurement and workshops to Salon, Spa and Hospitality professionals Owned and operated by myself, Miranda Forrester, a qualified industry expert with years of relevant experience, I have walked in the shoes of my clients and recruits alike I have gone as far as to name my business after me, as I want to give my partners in business and hiring, a genuine personal experience. MFSBP prides itself in uplifting South Africans and our neighboring countries where possible, in promoting proudly South African brands to our partners as well as representing local talent for employment within South Africa and creating opportunities internationally Together with fellow industry brands, stakeholders and key representatives, annually MFSBP hosts up to 4 networking events. Promoting local brands, creating awareness of pressing issues in the work place, ensuring an ethical and sustainable industry, discussing new trends in the industry and celebrating business. Our workshop are catered for employers and employees alike, cultivating a relationship where we can learn new soft / essential skills and bounce off ideas and suggestions from each other.

What is your biggest success?

I recently celebrated 7 years in business, a milestone on all account! Having "survived" COVID-19 pandemic by offering online workshops to uplift skills and keep the industry motivated and up to date with relevant news. Expanding my business partner profile internationally and assisting with several pre-opening projects and securing employment for staff ranging from servers to directors. I now serve South Africa, Middle East, New Zealand and United Kingdom In addition, I have been invited to sit on the advisory board of several academic institutions, offering insight into the professional world vs the academic world.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Facing economic restraint in a country with bountiful talent, I am inundated with hopeful and driven young graduates who want to embark a professional career - but there is just not enough work for them. Being self-employed I know the struggles of day to day life, costs of living and building success in a non-corporate / non-vital industry.