Miska Jamal

Merkaba Healing Services

What does your company do?

Merkaba Healing Services (MHS) is a wellness practice based in Cape Town, dedicated to supporting women’s mental and emotional well-being through the use of alternative modalities to bring about rapid and effective change. Our mission is to empower women struggling with stress, burnout and trauma by using alternative (non-traditional) tools and techniques and by following a holistic 3-pronged approach: from the top down (mind to body), bottom up (body to mind) and through connection with the therapist. Through this process, women develop a more coherent sense of self and increased resilience allowing them to live a more fulfilling life with a greater ability to nurture and support themselves, their families, build strong communities and lead within the workforce.

What is your biggest success?

Although I’ve been in business for less than a year, I feel as though my biggest success is and will always be, seeing the change within my clients and seeing survivors of all types of abuse move from a place of helplessness and despair to a place of hope and excitement. It makes me feel that not only did years of research and studying pay off, but also, that I’m doing exactly what I came to do and that is helping others to realize and live up to their full potential.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been to gain the public’s trust in a business that specializes in the use of non-traditional forms of therapeutic services to support mental and emotional health. It has been even more challenging considering the stigma around mental health. I am increasingly and actively trying to create awareness of the impact and effects of traumatic experiences on mental and emotional health by utilizing social media to share credible and reliable information and emphasizing the importance of a collaborative and all-inclusive (traditional and non-traditional therapies) approach to healing.