Mmatebogo Nkoenyane

Hlapane Attorneys Inc

What does your company do?

Hlapane Attorneys Inc is a dynamic and innovative female-owned law firm specializing in contractual law, insurance and litigation, governance, labor and employment law. Our team, led by a well-versed and highly educated professional in insurance and banking law, possesses extensive experience across various sectors, including healthcare. Our firm is committed to delivering exceptional legal services while promoting diversity and inclusivity within the legal profession.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success in a black-owned law firm was negotiating a billion rand deal in the healthcare sector. This deal required a high level of expertise in healthcare regulations, contract negotiations, and business strategy. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that all parties involved were satisfied with the terms of the deal and that it was completed promptly. This success not only showcased our firm's capabilities in handling complex transactions but also solidified our reputation as a leading law firm in the healthcare sector. We are proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional legal services to our clients in the future

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle at our law firm has been adjusting to the fast-paced environment and managing multiple cases simultaneously. As a result, I have had to prioritize tasks, communicate effectively with clients and my team members, and ensure that they meet deadlines consistently. We have also had phenomenon of clients with skewed briefing pattern within Corporate SA and legal fraternity who consistently choose a particular law firm or lawyer for their legal needs, often based on personal relationships, reputation, or historical connections. This can lead to a lack of diversity and competition in the legal market, as well as potential conflicts of interest or biased decision-making. However, I have been able to develop strong organizational system and improve the team's time management capabilities to overcome these challenges successfully.