Molemo Mosupye

Elegant Combinations

What does your company do?

We offer lash, brow and skin services for our clients to look their best on a daily basis with minimal effort and time

What is your biggest success?

Starting a business shortly after Covid-19 lockdown in the beauty industry was not easy at all. We started with nothing but a few pieces of disposables, small pieces of equipment and less than 5 clients. Today, we have over a 100 clients in our database, an elite client base, quality equipment and stock. We offer a variety of treatments and have a steady turnover for the past 2 years. To some it up, growth and sustainability has been our biggest achievement. Not many small businesses manage to get it right.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been expansion. Expansion is costly and requires reliable employees. About a year ago we tried to expand, acquired additional space and an additional employee. Our biggest difficulty was getting the employee to perform and provide the same high standard of service as our existing. Unfortunately the employee, even after several training interventions and sessions, could not keep up, and did not share the same vision as the business, service wise. This led to a high loss of clients, client complaints and additional costs in terms of come backs. Ultimately an impact to our reputation.