Morongwe Mosia

Lindley Aerobics Club

What does your company do?

The npo deals with people who are affected or infected with HIV/AIDS were by we provide counseling and advices on how to deal or cope with the disease and how to help their loved ones,we also assist children with their home works after school 3 days during weekdays,it provides food and clothing to poor or disadvantaged kids in our community,then the main purpose is to give kids and the youth an opportunity to participate in a different sport,that is different from others that only need them to move their body and focus on nothing else,at the same time they get a chance to get in shape,be healthy and energetic.

What is your biggest success?

Being able to start my own version of NPO in a very disadvantaged community i grew up in,this achievement gives me hope each and everyday to strive for more regardless of what i may be challenged with,this achievement does not only give hope to me only but also to the community that there is a better tomorrow if we hold on to our dreams and visions, it has been a hard and a wonderful journey through out from the start up of this npo i have implemented for the people of my community it gives me joy to have achieved this great mile stone, I do hope success and prosperity finds this NPO going forward from now on that will also be my greatest achievement seeing it prosper at all departments.while serving our beneficiaries and people from our community with honour and transparency

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle was and is still not having a reliable sponsor that understands the commitment the organisation has committed to undertake to help each and everyone in the community that seeks help and assistance, because sometimes you will find that our beneficiaries reach out with a problem to us trying to get help from us as the pillar of the community but because we are short or don't have enough supplies they end up retuning without getting any help of whatsoever that breaks my heart everytime I witness it,also not having enough people who shows support to our initiative it had been a struggle and stressful,there are people who support us but i wish the numbers could increase to show that our hard work consideration and determination does not go unrecognised