Motlalepule Sarah Banda

Chic-Tribe Digital Magazine

What does your company do?

Chic-Tribe Digital Magazine is a dynamic and burgeoning online platform dedicated to curating captivating content tailored for the modern woman's everyday lifestyle. From heartwarming narratives that illuminate the triumphs of everyday heroines to insightful discussions on health and wellness, lifestyle trends, beauty, fashion, and fostering meaningful relationships, we are more than just a publication — we're a vibrant community and sisterhood. At Chic-Tribe, we believe in the power of collective empowerment, where every woman is celebrated and uplifted. Our platform serves as a nexus of inspiration and camaraderie, where everyday chic women come together to support, encourage, and champion one another. It’s not just about looking good as a collective; it’s about winning together and forging lasting bonds within our unique sisterhood. We host initiatives and events that foster dialogue and connection around all aspects of women's well-being, creating a space where voices are heard, stories are shared, and victories are celebrated.

What is your biggest success?

Chic-Tribe Digital Magazine has rapidly established itself as a leading platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering women. With a growing and engaged readership, we deliver high-quality, inspiring content that covers health, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and personal growth. Our vibrant community engagement, successful events, and strong brand partnerships underscore our commitment to uplifting everyday women.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of our biggest challenges has been securing adequate funding to support our growth and sustain our operations. As a small and upcoming publication, access to financial resources is crucial for expanding our reach and enhancing our content offerings.