Mpho Hlongwane

MH Automotive Engineering - AIDC

What does your company do?

Mpho Hlongwane is a 30-year-old industrial engineer,MBA graduate and PhD candidate.Shes the founder and Managing Director of MH Automotive Engineering. MH Automotive Engineering is an incubated factory that operates at the Automotive incubation center in Silverton Pretoria. A tier 1 sub-contractor that assembles and sequences automotive components for the Ford Ranger and VW Amarok. The factory operates on an 8-hour 3 shift rotation pattern that’s in sync with the OEM production line shift schedule (620 vehicles per day; an average of 200 vehicles per shift) with a floor space of 2000 square meters and has 79 employees.

What is your biggest success?

Being a Managing Director of my own company that has been awarded a five-year contract of being part of a high barrier and male dominated manufacturing industry.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Dealing with employees from different cultural background and trying not to offend anyone based on their beliefs and practices