Mpho Mashigo


What does your company do?

Feeds children from the informal settlement, assists victims of GBV with shelter ,counseling,clothing and food. Helps childheaded households with food parcels,clothing and educational materials. Helps children in the informal settlement with homework, school shoes, uniform and career guidance. Feed the homeless from all parts of Alex. Helps the unemployed adults with food and guidance

What is your biggest success?

We received a trailer with a gas stove and fridge which makes it easier to cater to the community. Getting assistance from Discovery for the children of the informal settlement , being interviewed by various radio stations and newspapers outlets and partnering up with Miss Bachelorette SA

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not having secure funding and relying on public donations. Being unable to pay volunteers salaries and having a limited space to operate in. Having to operate in an unsafe and crowded area we’ve had a few shacks burn down near us