Mpho Raseroka


What does your company do?

Jloveclothing & Things is a vibrant faith based lifestyle brand with a vision to become South African’s Coolest Christian brand, we are not just a clothing brand we believe Spiritual well-being is a core pillar in every human life and with mental health being a on-going conversation we realise that spiritual health creates a balance between physical, psychological & social aspects of every human life . We heal & uplift through our clothing, Fashion has become a way for us to express our identities & personalities and What better way than to express ourselves through the word of God? The JLOVE caters to a Christian target market of any denomination.

What is your biggest success?

One of our biggest milestones was overcoming the lockdown, we have been operating since 2017 and have been bootstrapping ever since, it hasn’t been easy journey but we have made it thus far. In 2022 we managed to expand our visibility by partnering with a local platform store in Sandton City called Neyborly to showcase and sell some of our items instore which was a success until they had to close their doors temporarily in March 2024. We continue to search for opportunities in local markets and church events to market our brand and that approach has proven to always yield positive results. We also continue to find ways to produce our unique items locally.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

1) Our (My) biggest hurdle has been finding partners that can help the business grow. 2) Creating efficient systems of operation and automation. 3) Stock (quantity vs Quality) Funding and manufacturing in SA. 4) Operation space & machinery.