Mpoomy Ledwaba

Wisdom & Wellness

What does your company do?

Wisdom & Wellness is a tech-enabled hub based on community, education, and wellness values. Through our various platforms, we educate and equip our global audience with the tools of holistic living. Our five pillars of wellness—spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, and financial — are not just concepts. They are the stepping stones to the next level. We create online content and physical connections that not only provide practical next steps to success but also foster communities of women looking to thrive and be in alignment with their purpose, inspiring and equipping them in every way. Our core offerings are; 1. #1 female podcast in the country 2. An annual Festival "Unlimitedfest' which sold out and brought in over 2000 people from across Africa & the Uk 3. Our best-selling 'Speak Life September' course, which takes in over 1000 people 4. An email list with over 24 000 subscribers and an open rate of over 70% 5. Our latest offering is a membership platform/app for the sole purpose of exclusive content and social connection for our community.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success was hosting a successful event at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, which brought in over 2000 people, not only from South Africa but also from Kenya, Botswana, and across the continent. We hosted Connie Ferguson and Dj Zinhle as our keynote speakers and sold out within a short space of advertising the event. We partnered with brands such as Bentley, Porsche, and Coca-Cola. Our Podcast has been the #1 female podcast for consecutive years, reaching 1 million downloads last year. Our digital course grew from 200 participants to 1200 participants in the space of 12 months, making it a seven-figure online course. More than anything, having an engaged audience that is educated, has buying power and belives in the evolution and growth of the brand is our biggest win

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has been proving that podcasts are worth the investment. While most of the advertising budget has been distributed between traditional media and Instagram, we have had to invest for years to prove that our medium has an ROI. Our team's resilience and adaptability were truly tested when we organized an event for 2000 people with a team of just 6, a grand vision, and limited resources. We stretched ourselves to the core, but we pulled together, learned invaluable lessons, and made the event a resounding success. From our first event in 2023 to our 2024 festival, which saw a doubling of attendees, our logistics, systems, and capacity were pushed to the limit, but we triumphed. The last hurdle was finding the right team for the kind of business we have. It has taken a long time, but it seems we have the hang of it now, and our team consists of leaders in their own right committed to serving our organisation's vision.