Naadhirah Mukadam

fr3kls (pty) ltd

What does your company do?

Dive into FR3KLS-AQUATICS, the leading indoor aquatic and wellness hub founded by Naadhirah Mukadam. We specialize in swimming and wellness programs for all ages and abilities, ranging from infant aqua classes to advanced squad training and aqua aerobics. Our mission is to nurture confidence, promote water safety, and instill a lifelong passion for swimming in a supportive environment tailored for both genders. Additionally, explore FR3KLS, our swim store. It extends our aquatic passion to offer top-notch gear for beach, triathlon, and outdoor adventures, emphasizing functionality and style. At FR3KLS-AQUATICS, we combine aquatic fitness with outdoor excitement, providing comprehensive support for your swimming and adventure needs. Join us to experience the synergy of expert training and quality gear, all under one roof.

What is your biggest success?

One of my greatest accomplishments has been the privilege of collaborating with driven, ambitious, and empowering individuals. In 2018, I launched a learn-to-swim initiative for underprivileged children, successfully teaching over 40 children, including those with hearing impairments. I've also earned multiple certifications and completed my postgraduate degree in biokinetics while managing the dual roles of a single mother and business owner. My business has evolved from a simple swim school into a comprehensive aquatic rehabilitation and wellness center, complemented by both a physical and online swim store. Additionally, I've expanded our offerings to include a post-swim gown brand and modest swimwear, furthering our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been securing sufficient funding, which has significantly slowed my progress and the realization of my vision for growth and empowerment through aquatics and exercise. While my initiatives have all eventually succeeded, achieving these milestones has taken considerably longer due to financial constraints. Another challenge has been incorporating technology into my business operations. I often find myself handling tasks manually, aware that there are more efficient technological solutions that could streamline these processes. Additionally, as a woman of color in the field of biokinetics, I encounter challenges in positioning myself effectively in certain spaces and opportunities due to underlying racial biases.