Nadine Malherbe

Sheer Bliss

What does your company do?

At Sheer Bliss, we specialize in corporate and event massage services. Elevating wellness to new heights, we integrate virtual reality to craft immersive experiences, ranging from virtual desk vacations to unforgettable brand activations that leave a lasting impact. You can find our expert teams in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, ready to provide top-notch service. We take pride in employing only fully qualified beauty therapists to ensure the highest quality experience for our clients. And as a sweet bonus, every massage session includes a delightful box of fudge to add an extra touch of indulgence to your experience.

What is your biggest success?

We pioneered the world’s first virtual reality massage! Integrating technology into the massage industry has been an exhilarating journey, setting us apart from our competitors and opening doors to opportunities beyond traditional massage. Our newly launched wellness app is a perfect example of this innovation.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Growing braches of the business in areas where I as the entrepreneur is not based has it's own set of challenges. I had an unfortunate situation with a bad partnership but that provided valuable lessons and fortunately, I was able to rectify the situation and get business up and running smoothly very quickly. This happened in our Durban branch and I am pleased to say that the branch is growing steadily now. I have implemented some strategies to get new business and it is going well!