Naeema Khan

Hands of Compassion NPO 298-971

What does your company do?

My NPO ensures that my community is provided with hot daily meals so that children are stress free of going to bed hungry. I also cater for adults especially ensuring those on treatment have a meal to eat. I collect items like clothing, shoes, toys etc to give to those in need. My mobile kitchen doors is open daily to anyone who needs a meal or even food to cook at home should they have nothing. I am currently helping a safe home and a local school with food items aswell. I recently opened up my home to a teenage girls to help her get through her studies at no cost to the parents who are financially unstable

What is your biggest success?

My greatest achievement has been growth. I started of from my home helping those I can from my own cupboards. I can now feed upto 200 daily from my mobile kitchen.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Biggest hurdle would be getting sponsors. Many businesses are struck by financial crisis sometimes filling up the gas also I would have to wait a week before getting help. During that time I would have to make a fire outside to cook and its quiet dangerous especially on windy days