Naledi Zondi

Naledi Art

What does your company do?

NALEDI ART is an art company founded and managed by Naledi Zondi specialising in custom art, art concept collaborations, exhibitions, art decor and experiences. The company has expanded and grown to provide specialised Sip and Paint experiences for brands, venues and creatives. The award winning Sip and Paint experience first sparked the viral experience in 2020 after the pandemic as a none contact activity in controlled environmenta and helping people cope during the pandemic. It has since been adopted by many brands, restaurants and artists to promote themselves. We pride ourselves in maintaining the high end Sip and Paint experience for all demographics, income groups and lifestyles. Clients include The Pencil Club, Unilever, Mini Cooper, MTN, ALX Global, EThekwini Municipality, Legacy Yard Rooftop, Hollywood Bets and Radisson Blu UMhlanga.

What is your biggest success?

Reinventing the sip and paint experience and packaging it as an effective marketing tool for brands. Naledi Art is recognised as one of the leading sip and paint elite service providers only catering to corporates, brands and elite events nationally.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Part of being youth in South Africa’s current financial climate means not every entrepreneur can survive solely on their creative business. I have had to continue pursuing my corporate career in marketing while running my business. Working full time while running my business full time, travelling around the country has been one of the hardest lifestyles ever. I have had to learn to manage my time and excel in my corporate job to bargain for time to manage my business.