Nandipha Maguga

Lina Mandla Solutions

What does your company do?

We offer various Human Resources Services

What is your biggest success?

We started the company during the covid-19 period and ensured that we were ready in every single aspect possible.We made sure that we were visible to our targeted market from the onset. Yes the timing for making profits was not viable, however we still took the time as an opportunity to set ourselves up and be settled by the time the economy's activities picks up again. As a result after servicing a few start up companies during the covid-19 period, we welcomed our first contract from a state owned organisation to provide personnel recruitment workshops from SCOS ( Community Schemes Ombuds Services). We saw this as a big step for our small organisation as it confirmed that we were being noticed, and that we had made the right decision by being visible from the onset. Then followed the Robben Island Museum, and Iziko Museum of South Africa with a three year contract to provide services to them. We regards the latter as our biggest success thus far. We continue to have faith that big opportunities are yet to open for Lina Mandla Solutions.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle would be that as a small enterprise competing with well established organisations in the field, it becomes difficult for us to enter the privately owned business spaces as we are still establishing ourselves and do not always have all the resources necessary for fair competition. Although we do have the experience required in order to carry our the activities in our field obtained outside the formal formation of Lina Mandla Solutions and possess the qualifications to do the work, we still struggle to convince the private enterprises to work with us. With the opportunities we get from the South African government we are then able to showcase our abilities, and excel at providing good service by going the extra mile where we can.