Natasha Pearce

Vivacious Eco Vixon

What does your company do?

Vivacious Eco Vixon is an Eco Conscious label based in Cape Town, that is currently recycling/upcycling waste materials from the Textile & Clothing industry into reusable Home Décor & lifestyle products. Vivacious Eco Vixon was founded by the vivacious Natasha Pearce in 2019. All our products are handcrafted locally in Cape Town. We are striving to change the way wastage is used within and outside the Clothing & Textile industry. Our machines that we use in our studio and factory is optimised for energy effiency, Our textile recycling supply chain is currently localised within South Africa. We have a strategic logistic plan in place on waste collection that helps us to decrease the impact that transportation has on carbon emissions in our industry, We divert Clothing & Textile industry waste each month from our landfills and oceans. Through our product range we are able to educated our clients on how to view waste differently and the importance of choosing reusable products for a sustainable future. We work along side NGO’s that run sewing projects in different communities in South Africa. We utilise these services to produce some of our reusable product range. We are offering a better reusable alternative to single use Lifestyle & Home Décor everyday use items.

What is your biggest success?

There are many highlights such as being able to work with local NGO's and making a difference in so many lives of different people. I've been able to take part of an awesome program of which I won the Circular Economy accelerator award as well as the Rocket Fuel award. I hold the Best women Empowerment award for 2023 from Nedbank in the Green Economy. I am the 2023 Nedbank Business ignite winner for Western Cape. I have managed to pivot my business to fill a need that is drastically required for a better sustainable way of living to secure a good future due to our current climate crisis that we are faced with as mankind. Vivacious Eco Vixon is part of the solution to a more Eco Conscious way of living.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

It was access to market and brand awareness which we have now found a solution too and we are making strides with it. Sometimes people's lack of knowledge regarding what it actually means to be sustainable or Eco conscious can be a hurdle.